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Feedbacks by the students of
TCV Upper Dharamshala on the book



Received many heartfelt comments on "Save The Himalayas" from the Tibetan refugee children in exile today. I'm deeply moved and humbled by their love, strength and endurance! I thank again all the supporters who helped me make the books. Here are just a few examples of the comments from the children:

"This is an unique book. This book helped us to know who we are and what we should do to save our identity."

"A very moving, interesting and colorful storybook. This is just what we prefer so please keep on writing because I will be waiting for your next book."

"When I read it I was glue to it because it makes me feel like I am at home, Tibet."

"This book is very colorful book carrying many beautiful art works. I know only Rima Fujita can draw like this."

"A very moving, interesting and colorful storybook. This is just what we prefer so please keep on writing because I will be waiting for your next book."

"The time I read this book I felt like watching one of the top ten movies of Tibet."

"It's an unique book because there are not lots of Tibetan books out there that are suitable for all ages."

"This book is my best and I read many books before."

"Interestingly, three different languages are used on one page so that many children can easily read it."

"After reading this book I have a huge desire to go to Tibet."

"The paintings are magnificent and we love them so much."

"This book is unique! Those unique drawings are amazing and fantastic!"

"I am feeling very proud to see our culture in this book."

"For me, compare to other books, this is the best."

Letter from the president of the Tibetan Children's Village in India

Dear Rima,

Thank you for taking the children to your heart and we deeply appreciate your noble endeavor to contribute to their education with such delightful reading materials. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude. Once again, thank you for everything!

Tsewang Yeshi, President, Tibetan Children's Village, Dharamsala, India 

Feedbacks by the students

This book "Save the Himalayas" is the best picture I ever came across. When I read this I was glued to it because it make me feel like I am at home (Tibet). I always think that if I were a writer I would write lots of books about Tibet. You are my role model. So from now on I will try to improve my writing skill.
From my very soul. I want to thank you for supporting Tibetans. THANK YOU.
Jigme Woeser, Class: VIII P, Age: 14

A very moving, interesting and colorful storybook. This is just what we prefer so please keep on writing because I will be waiting for your next book. Thank you.
Mingyur Paldon, Class: VIII D, Age: 13

This book is very colorful book carrying many beautiful art works. I know only Rima Fujita can draw like this. Since it is very interesting, easy to understand, I like this book very much. I felt as if I am back in Tibet when I read this book. I find this book very useful especially at our age group.
Tenzin Gaden, VI D, Age 12

I found this book the most interesting I have ever read in this school. When I was reading your book I felt for a moment that I was there in my own country Tibet. While reading your book, I remembered my childhood days in Tibet. Thanks for publishing such a nice book in this world.
Tenzin Choetso, VIIB, Age 13 

Here are some feedbacks from me, here I go. The best thing I saw is your book is your unique art and this book is good for children between class V to VIIII. I have read two of your story earlier You should write more and become a best book writer for children. Also thank you very much for supporting Tibet and Tibetans.
Longchen Norbu, Class: VIII G, Age: 13

This story is unique for me. I read many books before but this story is very interesting and attractive. First of all, the pictures we saw are very attractive which were drawn on the black paper. That amazes us a lot. We have to save our homeland, Himalaya and environment from destruction. We have to help each other from our inner heart as we all are Tibetan children. I am very grateful towards writer that she cared about Tibetan people through this storybook. I am very thankful to her. The nature is our home and it is our duty to look after it. Thank you.
Kelsang Tsomo, Class : VIII D, Age: 15

First time when I read this story, I felt myself as Norbu …away from my own parents. In this storybook, it gave me the knowledge of how Himalayas are being destroyed and how we can help our Tibetan plateau.
Yongzin Lhamo, VIS, Age 12 

When I first have a glimpse of the book, a beautiful picture really attracts me. What I really liked is that you have used the Tibetan nomads as your story character and also use the national animal of Tibet. You made the book really easy to read and readers will also know that the Tibet need help to stop deforestation and pollutions in Tibet. I like that part the most.
Tenzin Paldon, Class: VIII S

Through this book I have learnt a lot about my own nation and Himalayas a lot. Although I am one of the child of Himalaya but a shame this is that I feel like I don’t know much about my own nation and what is going on there. So, please accept a big round of applause to Rima Fujita from the depth of my heart.
Tenzin Yangkey, Class: VIII D, Age: 15

I felt glad that I read your book. I like this book especially the cover. My best part of the story was when Gonpo and Zompa were crying because they are saying goodbye to that snow leopard called Norbu. This part was magnificent and gorgeous. The words were wisely chosen. So please keep on writing about our tradition, culture and of course on our beautiful environment. I am excited to read your next book.
Tenzin Kunchok, Class: VIII S, Age: 14

The time when I read this book, I felt like watching one of the top ten movies of Tibet. It inspired me from the bottom of my heart and I hope it will in the future for the new born Tibetan. The dotted pictures are drawn so beautifully that my heart melted. The languages used are easy to comprehend. This is a unique book. This book helped us to know who we are and what we should do to save our identity. 
Tenzin Karma Tashi, Class: VIII S

I found this book very interesting. It is one of the most special books that I ever read. Unlike other books your painting made this book very special and attractive. Thank you so much for publishing such a good book. When I read this book I feel as if I am in Tibet. Thank you so much for supporting Tibet environment.
Yangchen. Class: VIII S, Age : 13

This storybook is very interesting and I wonder how she knows about Tibetan background like Himalayan region etc. I think this storybook "Save the Himalaya" will make many people change their mind and save the Himalayas.
Tenzin Kunchok, Class: VIII B, Age: 13

Maam Rima, I read your storybook and it is surprise package for all the students in our school. The difference I saw your storybooks are from other novels etc. are that you wrote it in three different languages and all the drawings are awesome which is drawn in black papers using crayons. Thank you for helping us.
Tenzin Choenyi, Class: VIII B, Age: 13

I Think that this story totally amazing and very creativity. It has to show all children in the world. So they will know that the earth is in danger. So they could do something about it before it's too late.
Sonam Youdon, Class : VIII B

In my opinion, I like this book is very interesting because the words are translated to three different languages. The pictures are very bright and colorful, plus the moral of the story is an important lesson to any human being. It is a unique book because there aren't a lot of Tibetan books out there in the world or even a book that is suitable for all ages to read like this book. In conclusion, this book is very special and a good book to read.
Tenzing Dawa, Class: VIII B, Age: 13

Dear Rima Fujita,
It is very interest to look after it. I love and appreciate your drawing style. I have seen fist time a very colorful and attractive and meaningful drawing. I have something to say you. Write more books about Tibet's fragile natural environment. This book is my best that I read many books before. The words are so easy and meaningful. I want to read more books of you and I am waiting for your another new books.
Pema Yangkyi, Class: VIII B

I found this book very nice and it talk about the environment problem in our life with very nice way. It give moral too, like protect our home land and even the title of the book is "Save the Himalayas".
Tenzin Dhasel, Class: VIII P, Age: 13

What I saw in this awesome book is that it describes our country very wonderfully especially through pictures Since three different languages are used here many kids would take the opportunity to read it. Superb idea!
Tenzin Yangkyi, Class: VIII P, Age: 13

By writing a story on Tibetan nomads and animals, I think it's a great thing that you have done to support Tibet. I went through this storybook many times and I find it really interesting and unique because the story is full of imaginary events like flying on a crane over Mt. Everest and etc 
And the illustration is very unique and beautiful. The storybook itself is very attractive. Perfect for young readers. In between the story you have also brought the topic of global warming. I think it's really creative and children all around the world will now know about Tibet and animal in Tibet and global warming. I got to learn lots of new things in wonderful story and for supporting Tibet. Wish you a very good luck.
Tested Ringzin, Class : VIII G, Age: 13

Though I have read many special books but I found this book the most special of all. This book took me to Tibet while I am reading this book. When I read this, I feel like I am with Gonpo and Zompa playing with Chungpo. After reading this book, I have a huge desire of going to Tibet. Thank you so much for this book and thanks again for letting the world to know about our Tibet. Thanks a lot.
Tenzin Dolker, Class: VIII G, Age: 13

When I read this book first, I vividly felt that how Tibet looks even if I didn't get to see it. The storybook is very good as it is very easy for the children to read and understand it. The paintings are magnificent. We love it so much. Tit carries a strong message. I am very found of this storybook and I want to explore more story of yours.
Dawa Choedon, Class: VII G, Age: 14

This book is unique!!! Those unique drawings are amazing and fantastic. After reading this book, I cannot escape from the thought of nomadic family of Gonpo and Zompa. If they want to stay happily the other animals must be happy like Norbu…. I keep a will "Save the Himalayas" continuously this beautiful exist true, not only a dream. Not only in this story book.
Chika Yamasaki, Class: VIII G, Age: 14

These day we talk a lot about the ENVIRONMENT and we didn’t care about it.
But from this book I found out how can we protect my land and our society. I found this book very interesting. I really want to thank Ms. Rima Fujita for teaching me a good lesson and I also want to recommend this book to our lovely student to read it……..
Tenzin Woeser, Class: VIII G, Age: 13

I really enjoyed the book called Save the Himalayas by Rima Fujita. It make me feel like I was in Tibet with the lovely family and the small snow lion. I especially liked this book because Chunpo the boy doesn't fight with Norbu (Snow Lion). The illustration are amazing it is like a master piece. Did she use crayons? I also love the part when Norbu finds a companion and he is not the only snow lion searching for his family.
Sonam Rinchen, Class: VIII G, Age: 14

This book called "Save the Himayalas" is very good and unique. I appreciate this book a lot. The author has written this book beautifully and creatively. In this book, I have learned about my country and environment in my Tibet. And I always wish that next book will be far better than this book. For me, compared to others book, this is the best.
Tenzin Dasel, Class: VIII G, Age: 13

This is very interesting story for kids. The picture drawn here are very colorful and attractive. All the words are easy to understand. Not only have that, this book carried good moral lesson. 
Tenzin Pelmo, Class: VIII D

The author has used three different languages. If one doesn’t understand, there are two other language. The drawings are very unique because she has drawn on a black paper instead of white. She has cleverly put the great Mount Everest and endangered animal (snow lion Leopard) as one of the main characters in her story The book gave me a great ideas like one should not litter everything in the river .
Tenzin Nyidon, Class: VIII G, Age :12

I think that the story is about global warming and also about Tibet plateau. We had to clean our world so that we can make a safe and wonderful world to live in. Himalaya is home to many creatures which are now becoming endangered animals. The coming of Chinese into our virgin land has let to melting of glaciers and pollution of our beautiful environment. The idea is that we all must do something to preserve the rich environment of Tibet. Thanks for this wonderful book. I learnt a lot.
Tenzin Thapley, VII K, Age 13

The book entitled “Save the Himalayas” is about global warming which is fast taking place in Tibet so called “The Roof of the World”. It tells to the students of the world that it might have effect on the rest of the world. I think the citizen of the world should do something to stop this happening in Tibet.
Tsering Yangzom, VII K, Age 13

This book is really a special book for kids like me. I didn’t come across any difficult words and phrases. It is written in three different language which I think is very smart work. This interesting book is basically related with ongoing global warming which is fast taking place in Tibet. After reading this book, a thought came to me that Trees are fast disappearing from this beautiful world.
Lobsang Tsering, VII K, Age 13

To me this book is very special because it is written in three different languages. Many students all across the world can easily read it. The pictures tell it. I enjoyed reading every pages. Thanks Rima!
Kunchok Yeshi, Class VI S, Age 12

This storybook is very good and easy to read. The art is superb! This book is very meaningful especially for Tibetans. The story revolves around a small happy family where love for all creatures is considered important. 
Sonam Lhamo, 8D, Age 14

This story (Save the Himalayas) is very interesting because it reminds me of my peace loving people and my once peaceful land. Interestingly, three different languages are used on one page so that many children can easily read it.
Tenzin Dawa, VIP, Age 11

I find this book very interesting, easy, adventurous and exciting to read. What I like best is the art and painting. It is a very good story book for the children. Now I know why it is translated into many languages.
Tenzin Tsayang Khepa, VI P, Age 12

The book “Save the Himalaya” touched my heart. The story is about a small nomadic family in Himalaya and it is a factual story. Yes, we should save Himalayan environment, its animals and people. Thank you Rima as I have learnt many things from this book.
Tenzin Wosel, VI P, Age 12

After reading this book I felt very happy, sad, curious and excited. Being small I leant a lot. It has changed my thinking and viewpoint.
Sawa Wangmo, VI S, Age 13

Whosoever wrote this book please accept my sincere thanks for it is very good and I like the paintings a lot.
Sherab VI S, Age 13

I like to comment few things on this book. The pictures and three languages used here is very clever idea. Now millions of children across the world will know about Tibet, Himalaya and its environment. What a way to support the cause of Tibet! I was inspired with your idea. I hope Rima will continue to write more stories on Tibet in the days to come.
Sonam Dorjee, VII S, Age 14

I like this book very much and I feel that we have to take care of others.
Lhakpa Dolma, Class VI G, Age 12

I think that this story is wonderful because it is full of adventures and the drawings are beautiful. It has three languages and the words are really easy to understand.
Tsering Dolkar, VII K, Age 12 

This interesting story has made this book very successful. The way the story describes is really amazing. The moral of the story and the art are superb! Like the children over the world, I too have learned how the precious and enchanting glaciers are melting fast. This heart warming story has won many hearts of all the precious animals are important to the whole world. The children are inspired by the story and it has changed their ways of thinking. 
Tenzin Tsomo, VIB, Age 11

What I like most of the story is in the writing part they have expressed the feelings and in the painting from the action, we see same feeling, without reading it. We look at the drawing before reading it, we can guess what is going to happen and it always comes true.
Tenzin Chokyie Kongra, VIIK, Age 12

The book of Rima Fujita is very interesting and good for children. This book is about animals and humans relationship in Tibet. The children are very innocent. It can show us about the peace prevailing in Tibet before Chinese occupied Tibet.
Tenzin Choeying, A VIIS, Age 12 

I felt very happy to read this book. It’s a good and nice story. The writer has shown that how snow of Himalaya is melting. I have never seen a painting like this. Writer has also painted very well. She has shown that we have to save our Himalayas. I hope all the children in the world read this book and save Himalaya.
Karan Kumar VIB, Age 11 

I really liked the message of the book. It shows animals are dying because of the pollution we make. I was so much glued to the story that it was difficult for me to stop myself from reading this book. I admired the drawing and I just loved the use of our traditional dress. The text was very simple and easy to understand. 
Tenzin Choeyang, VIIG, Age 12 

I feel very proud of this book called “Save the Himalayas” that it was about Tibetan’s tradition and culture.
Dickyi Wangmo, VID, Age 13 

A marvelous story about Tibet and environment, the book encourages me to keep environment healthy and I am taken aback by her picture.
Tenzin Dasel, VIIP, Age 11

Once I started reading it my eyes was attracted by colorful lovely pictures which touched my heart. I am felling very proud to see our culture in this book. It gives us so many knowledge about Tibet. I am astonished by the colorful pictures.
Sherap Wangmo, VIIP, Age 14 

We are using this colorful and interesting book as a supplementary reader in our class. Our children are inspired by your book especially the wonderful art work and the strong message that goes with it. The children all across the world will now know about the peaceful people of Himalaya and do their bits to save us. Looking forward to your fifth book on Tibet. We are very thankful to Rima Fujita for supporting our just cause
Chophel, Teacher

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